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Its really fantastic to read something on INCTR's International Meeting 2014. in your post includes details DRAFT PROGRAM which is very descriptive.I like to read your post.Thanks for sharing.

Meeting in india by Aaron12345Aaron12345, 22 Jul 2014 09:48

How many people from Latin America should be invited. Will they be paid for?

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Local Participants by Ian MagrathIan Magrath, 21 Mar 2014 18:34

Please add to this list

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List of Participants by Ian MagrathIan Magrath, 21 Mar 2014 18:32

Participant Reason Support
Sidnei Epelman INCTR Brasil INCTR Brasil
Claudia Epelman INCTR Brasil INCTR Brasil
Shiivina Kumari INCTR India plan INCTR USA
Shivraj Sing INCTR India plan INCTR USA
Melissa Adde INCTR India plan INCTR (?)
ierre Bey (RS) INCTR France AMCC INCTR USA
Lorenzo Leoncini (Head, INCTR Pathology) INCTR INCTR USA
Martine Raphael (President French Branch, AMCC) INCTR France AMCC INCTRUSA
Max Parkin (Chair, Board of Trustees, INCTR Challenge) INCTRUSA
Carlos Gil Ferreira (Rio Nat Cancer Institute) INCTR Brasil) INCTR(Brasil)
Cecilia Sepulveda (WHO) WHO INCTR USA
Gayatri Palat INCTR Canada INCTR USA
Stuart Brown INCTR Canada INCTRUSA
Shripad Banavali Indian collaborator INCTR USA
Sameer Bakshi Indian collaborator INCTR SA
Nestori Masalu Tanzanian collaborator INCTR SA
Martin Ogwang (Uganda) Ugandan collaborator INCTR SA
Tatiana Vidaure (Peru - Director of INEN) Peruvian speaker INCTR Br
Julius Lecciones (Philippines) discussion INCTR USA
Francis Crawley (bioethicist) discussion INCTR USA
Roberto Rivera Luna (Mexico - speaker re: insurance) Mexico INCTR Brasil
Richard Sullivan (London -Director, Institute for Cancer Policy) Discussion INCTR USA
LB Alexandrov (lead author on major paper on mutations - topic requested by Brazilians) INCTR USA
Surendra Shrestha (INCTR Nepal) INCTR USA
Angelo Rosalen INCTR (ethics) INCTR USA
Sultan Al-Sedairy INCTR Self
Ali Sayeed Al-Zachrani (CEO Gulf States Cancer Control Council) partner?? Self/INCTR
Tim Probart Self/INCTR

Max number from outside Brazil who would need support might be approximately 16 with variable ticket price but perhaps average of $2000-2500 (local expenses would be met), but would probably be less (invitations not yet sent). They are indicated as RS on the list above. Some of funding for INCTR Brussels was to be put into the meeting ($10,000), hence ITM and MA not included. This might also cover some other European participants (Martine Raphael, Pierre Bey and Lorenzo Leoncini)

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This version of the meeting has been re-drafted to take into consideration comments made by members of the scientific committee

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Redrafted by Ian MagrathIan Magrath, 21 Mar 2014 18:11

1.Modify Scientific Program
2. Change scientific and organizing committees
3. Decide how to deal with registration fees. This helps a bit with finances. Normally we change a local fee and a higher one for non-Brazilians. If however, this is meant to be more of an internal INCTR meeting, we may just have a day of reports and possibly some key-note lectures
4. We should decide on awardees. In the past, the special panel has elected them.
5. We should decide on who will help with respect to external people (beyond Brazil

Lets communicate

To Do by Ian MagrathIan Magrath, 20 Feb 2014 15:52
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