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INCTR's International Meeting

In 2014, INCTR Brasil will be host to INCTR's International meeting (formerly referred to as its Biennual Meeting). This is a multipurpose meeting which we hope all senior INCTR members (Branch President's, Board Members, Program Leaders) as well as collaborators and partners will attend.

The main purpose of the meeting is to develop strategies, exchange reports and ideas on ongoing projects in various parts of the world, present awards for outstanding work, and to provide associate members with an opportunity to have input into projects. Consideration may also be given to the establishment of new branches.

While there will be a natural bias to discussing cancer and cancer control in the region in which the meeting takes place, it is a truly international meeting as will become apparent as the program is developed. All INCTR personnel are invited to comment via the page discussion module at the bottom of each page. In this site, members can make changes, can register for meetings and see a list of people already registered.

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