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If you already have a wikidot account, then click on the "join" button. If not, please follow these instructions CAREFULLY. NB, you need create only one wikidot account which is valid for all wikidot sites (although not all are public and may have different requirements for membership of the site, which relates to whether the site is private or public. Members may be invited, go through a similar process to making an account on wikidot, or may be automatically made a member by the site administrator.

1. Create a wikidot account. You may have already been directed to do this - if not, click on "create an account" (top right of the screen) or on the "join" button.
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3. You may then become a member of the site - usually by a process very similar to registering with wikidot. You may have been invited to join, in which case you can start using the site, or you may have been given a "secret word" that enables selected persons to join the site - i.e., be able to modify it

4. You may then register for a meeting on-line, edit a program (if given permission by the site creator or another administrator) download documents and programs (although we try to print as little as possible) and comment on events and meetings see horizontal menu at bottom of page for each of these activities. NB, information will be provided as to which meetings are open for registration. Meetings of Branches, Programs and INCTR as a whole are listed separately - click on the appropriate link below, or go directly to "Registration" and use the pull-down menu to go to the registration page, or to view a list of people already registered (check the pathology workshop as an example).

INCTR's International Meeting in Brazil











Evidence Based Cancer Control


Palliative Care

Pediatric Cancer


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